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Welcome To Narrative Works Counseling


Depression Treatment

Do you feel trapped with negative emotions and wish you could find a way to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life? Through depression treatment, it is possible to feel better, begin functioning with more ease and find joy in your life again.


Family Counseling

Do you wish you could improve your relationship with your child in order to find peace within your family? Getting support through family counseling can help strengthen your family bond and ensure that everyone feels safe, supported and respected.


Christian Counseling

Have you lost direction and spirituality in life? Do you wish you could submit yourself to God’s will and find relief through the teachings of the Bible? Through Christian counseling sessions, you can develop the ability to live a meaningful and satisfying life in the Bible’s image.


Couples Therapy

Do you feel disconnected from you partner and wish you could reestablish the strong bond of love and respect you once had for each other? Couples therapy can provide you with the support, guidance and strategies needed to regain a loving and prosperous relationship.