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About Our Intern Amy

Each person or couple, has the ability to experience growth and change throughout the therapy process. Being able to have completely open conversation, without judgement, is how I like to create the space for your transformation. If you are lonely and feeling disconnected, therapy can help find what you’re looking for, especially teens and adults struggling to find themselves . I can work with you to build relationships and reduce depression and anxiety. Would you like to stop over thinking and find confidence, self esteem and happiness? Better your sports performance or improve communication?

My approach is friendly and accommodating, with empathy and acceptance. Therapy can be challenging, but also a positive experience. I am available online currently, in person again soon. My specialties include communication, couples, establishing connection and sports counseling. I also work with Bipolar and difficult personalities.

I am ready to help you achieve change that will allow growth of self, coping skills, identifying needs and meeting them, expressing yourself clearly and hearing others. If you over think, or are logical at the expense of your feelings, we can find your balance.

Amy received her bachelors degree in psychology at the University of Southern California where she attended on athletic scholarship.  She also took classes in philosophy sociology, and linguistics.  This is where she really became attracted to how and why people operate the way they do.  How behaviors come about, the roles people take, and they communicate among other things.

Amy continued her education as an adult in the field of Marriage and Family therapy.   This was a continuation of her love insights into behavior, actions, thoughts, emotions and communication.  She is drawn to and experiential model of therapy that includes warmth and humor and feels that therapy can be a good experience.