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christian-counseling-mckinney-texasAre You Seeking Spiritual Guidance?

Do you feel like you have lost your way in life? Are you interested in seeking counseling through a biblical perspective? Maybe you thought about seeking traditional counseling, but you would prefer a Christian therapist who can guide you toward relief through scripture. Do you often seek truth and healing through the Bible? Perhaps you question your faith during negative times in your life. Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, family issues or relationship problems? Do you believe that your sins have caused severe damage to your home or professional endeavors? Do you wish you could submit yourself to God’s will and find relief through the teachings of the Bible?

It is easy to lose faith in a modern world that seems so distant from God, especially if you’re suffering from mental, emotional or physical ailments. You may wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of your life. It’s possible that you have sought answers from the Bible, but lack direction, motivation or a sense of clarity. Throughout the day, you may wonder if the decisions you make reflect the morals of God’s will. Anxiety from your job or a crumbling family life can increase emotional instability and push you further away from the Christian path you’re seeking.

The Need For Christian Guidance Is More Common Than You May Think

As the sins of the world have grown and more and more people are experiencing stress and uncertainty, the need for Christian counseling is increasing. Individuals, families and couples continue to yearn to find and maintain their faith. With ever multiplying sources that claim to speak the truth about how to live a healthy and fulfilling life, it is easy to get distracted from the traditional teachings in the Bible. The Bible is one of the oldest, most common and useful tools in seeking guidance in any life situation.

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3 (16-17)

Whether you, your family or relationship is struggling, Christian counseling can help you find life direction through the Bible.

Christian Counseling Sessions Can Help You Understand And Live By God’s Will

In a safe and compassionate environment, I will work with you or your family to apply the practical wisdom from the Bible in order to resolve conflict and provide stability in your life. While we will also use techniques from traditional, secular counseling, the Bible will be the final authority in creating positive life changes.

In sessions, I can show you how Biblical truths can replace the errors of your negative choices. You and I will work together to explore how to apply God’s word to your life, as well as how Biblical truth can allow you to live gracefully in your home and at work. As we review lessons from scripture, we will use tips and techniques from the Bible and tailor them to your personal experiences so you can overcome emotional issues, as well as family and relationship conflicts.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, the truth in the Bible can set you free from worry and sadness. By turning to God for strength and believing in His power, mental and emotional ailments become more easily managed. We will deconstruct your issues and make a plan to align your thoughts and actions with Biblical lessons. If you and your family are struggling with conflict within your home, Christian counseling can help you work more gracefully together, knowing you all are striving for similar spiritual and life goals. If you and your partner are faced with challenges in your relationship, counseling with a focus on scripture can enhance your marriage and provide answers to some of your toughest questions.

While most sessions involve in-depth discussions about scripture and how they apply to your life, I also often assign readings from the Bible for individuals, families and couples to meditate on between sessions.

I have worked as a Christian counselor for about 10 years. I am Christian, and I believe that all truth in life is based on God’s word in the Bible. I observe the power of Christ in my life every day. Without His grace and mercy, I do not know where I would be.

You, too, can find freedom and hope in Christ’s teachings. Through Christian counseling, you can develop the ability to live a meaningful and satisfying life in the Bible’s image.

I think I need God’s word in my life, but I still have questions and concerns about Christian counseling…

I am Christian, but my family does not believe. Will Christian counseling sessions for families still be effective?

Christian counseling sessions are a safe environment for everyone, Christian or otherwise. Even if your family does not believe in the Bible as much as you, our sessions will outline how scripture can positively affect your life. Together, you, your family and I can explore the faith. After a few sessions, you and your family can start to better understand your differences, and we can explore why your family may be holding back from finding full faith in the Bible.

I am not Christian. Can Christian counseling still help me?

Many individuals who are not Christian benefit from Christian counseling. During our sessions, I will not push my beliefs on you. However, it is possible that you are exploring the faith because you are considering converting or would like to learn more about the Bible’s teachings. Either way, our sessions will remain non-judgmental and I will hold respect for your personal beliefs. If Christian counseling does not seem like a good fit, I also offer secular counseling sessions.

Can’t I just read the Bible? How would Christian counseling enhance my understanding of scripture?

Whether you are struggling with an emotional ailment, family conflict or relationship issues, it is extremely helpful to have an unbiased, trained and experienced third party help you resolve problems. While reading the Bible and attending church can bring you some relief, speaking to me on a regular basis can give you specific guidance in your study and practice of Biblical teachings. In addition, through counseling, I will take the scripture to the next level by showing you how it directly relates to your life, as well as how it can provide positive change.

You Can Find Grace In Your Life Through The Bible

If you are ready to explore how the wisdom found in the Bible can improve your life, I invite you to call me at (469)213-6400 for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and answer questions you have about Christian counseling sessions and my practice.