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depression-treatment-mckinney-texasHave Feelings Of Heaviness And Hopelessness Taken Over Your Life?

Do you feel emotionally unstable? Do you wonder whether you are making a difference in your life? Do you often feel sad? Maybe you suffer from insomnia or struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Or perhaps you have many blessings in your life, but you cannot feel happy. Have you lost interest in activities that had once brought you joy? In addition to emotional heaviness, are you also experiencing physical discomforts, such as weight gain, fluctuating appetite, atrophy, insomnia, adrenaline kicks, sluggishness or heartache? Do you feel stuck or trapped by your negative emotions? Do you wish you could find a way to push past the pain and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life?

Depression can be debilitating in all areas of your life. You may go throughout your day with little or no motivation. Your house may be in shambles because you avoid completing daily tasks. Going back to bed during the day might seem like your best option. At work, you might be less productive and more irritable. Family members and co-workers might wonder why you seem so distant. You may turn to substances, such as alcohol, in order to quell your feelings of sadness. Despite the many different types and triggers of depression, seeking depression treatment is the first step toward feeling content with a healthy and rewarding life.

Depression Is More Common Than You May Think

Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental health problems our society faces today. Often these two ailments feed off of each other and individuals exhibit both sets of symptoms. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because we expect so much from ourselves. At home, work and the community, individuals have many responsibilities in modern society. When we fall short of our expectations, depression and anxiety can easily slip into our lives.

Chemical and hormonal imbalances also contribute to depression. Even if we are surrounded by a positive world, these imbalances can block us from feeling happy. Thankfully, there is help and hope. Depression treatment can promote healing and help you feel content with what you have so you can begin looking forward to connecting with friends and family each new day.

Depression Treatment Can Guide You Out Of The Darkness

In a safe and compassionate environment, I will work collaboratively with you to discover what is triggering depression in your life. After we learn where your depression is rooted, we will develop tailor-made coping strategies that can help you work through the heaviness and take back control of your life.

When you are depressed, it is common to get stuck and observe your life in a negative, one-dimensional way. In sessions, we’ll discuss your negative thoughts and challenging emotions. You can begin to reframe negative thoughts and learn ways to reduce and cope with the stress in your life. In time, you can develop a new, more positive perspective.

I use solutions-focused strategies. After we determine what contributes to your depression and how you currently cope with it, we will work together to discover solutions that will help you feel the happiest and healthiest.

If we determine that you are suffering from chronic depressive disorder, we can explore the need for medication. However, our sessions will serve as the primary treatment for your depression. The long-lasting benefits of depression treatment sessions help you better understand your experience, which can empower you to take control of your symptoms – something medications cannot do.

During our sessions, we may also use narrative therapy to help you assess the voice you use when you think, speak and write about yourself. The mental exercise of journaling coupled with physical exercise, which will help you raise endorphins, have provided countless clients with both immediate and sustainable relief.

In addition to treating clients with depression for about a decade, I have also experienced different types of depression myself – post-partum depression and debilitating grief. During these times, I worried whether I was being a good enough wife, parent and member of society. Through counseling and learning more about my depression, I was able to overcome the obstacle of immeasurable sadness.

With the help of an experienced, compassionate therapist, you can better understand yourself and your depression experience. Through depression treatment, it is possible to feel better, begin functioning with more ease and find joy and fulfillment in your life again.

I believe I could benefit from depression treatment, but I still have questions and concerns about therapy…

My problems are temporary. I don’t think I need to seek treatment for my negative emotions.

At times, we all encounter minor bumps in the road of otherwise joyful lives. If this is the case for you now, it is possible to bounce back from this obstacle on your own. However, it is important to remember that depression is progressive to the point where it may spiral out of your control. Down the road, your life might seem so dark that you cannot feel hope anymore.

If you feel like you are uncertain about whether or not your depression is getting worse, I would encourage you to at least monitor yourself and check in with a therapist, pastor or mentor every few weeks. If your emotions seem to be getting worse, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible.

I don’t want to take medication for depression.

In my practice, medication is a last resort for patients who show signs of chronic depressive disorder. I would only assert the need for medication if you were exhibiting dangerous symptoms or experiencing a chemical imbalance. Medication may seem extreme – especially because of negative social perceptions. However, if you needed medication for diabetes, you probably would not ignore your health issues because of the views of others. Mental health should be regarded similarly. When you are desperate to achieve balance in your life, medication can provide immediate relief. Our depression treatment sessions will be your long-term relief as you learn healthy habits and strategies to continue to find happiness and move forward in your life.

Therapy is expensive and time consuming. I don’t know if it will be worth it.

The sooner you start depression treatment sessions, the sooner you can start living a joyful and fulfilling life. Conversely, if you continue to wait in order to save time or money, you may end up spending more time, energy and money on treatment in the future.

You Can Have A Happy And Rewarding Life

Whether you are suffering from depression or a combination of anxiety and depression, I invite you to call me at (469)213-6400 for a free 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your symptoms and answer questions you have about treatment and my practice.